Our Story

OUR Vision

Connecting our community and creating relationships through real estate while personally and professionally serving the highest good for all. We strive to leave a legacy of spreading impactful positivity in the transition from one chapter of life to another.

To positively influence and support our community, clients, colleagues and strategic partners with integrity, authenticity and the commitment to serve the highest good for all.

OUR Promise

We ensure a positive outcome through our collaborative and cooperative approach. Combining this with our in-depth expertise and professionalism ensures a trusting relationship and successful outcome. We promise to approach each situation with empathy to create an exceptional real estate experience.

We are committed to creating a positive process for you through our collaborative and cooperative approach. Our in-depth expertise, professionalism and commitment to serve ensures a trusting relationship and successful outcome.

SK Group

The experience of buying or selling a home can be a great one, but navigating your way through the world of a real estate transaction can be complicated. After all, not only is this an incredibly important life milestone, but is often the most expensive investment you will ever make. Value comes in dollars, but more importantly is your family’s quality of life. Who you choose to partner with as your Realtor will be one of the biggest factors in determining your experience and more significantly, your outcome. You don’t have time to be the expert: that is our role in the relationship. We offer you in-depth experience, wisdom, professionalism and empathy. Combining these with our network of like-minded experts, we create a collective of the top industry professionals to surround you and provide an exceptional client experience. We are goal-oriented, results-driven, passionate and tech savvy leaders that thrive on your positive experience and ultimate success.

We believe in family. We believe in community. We believe in service. Through these principles, we leverage the best relationships in order to extend the best experience possible.

What We Do:

Yes, we sell homes, but that’s not all we do. We facilitate the transition in our clients’ lives from one chapter to the next.

How We Do It:

We collect and connect people. By choosing to work with only nice people, we create an environment and culture of like-minded individuals which we are then able to easily connect. Additionally, we work cooperatively with our clients and through strong leadership are able to achieve their goals with the correct set of expectations.

We connect and collaborate, we share our collective professional experiences to service our clients. By choosing to work with people who share our values, we create an environment and culture of like-minded individuals to support our clients in achieving their goals and dreams.

Why We Do It:

“For the love of the game.” We knowingly entered this service-based business to do just that: serve our clients. There are few milestones in life that are as impactful as moving. Our gratification comes from being entrusted and incorporated into that chapter.

What inspires us?

In one word: Family. Our families at home, our families at work, and our clients that become our family. We never lose sight of why we do this work. By always keeping this top of mind, we never lose that fire and drive to succeed for our clients.

It’s so much more than just a paycheck.

Our passion and purpose is to positively impact the people in our lives and to be of service to the people we work with and work for.

So, what’s one of the keys to making work feel like more than just work?

For us, a meaningful set of guiding values that are the cornerstone principles of why we do the work we love.

By sticking to our principles and core values, we are determined to connect people and spread optimism during their housing transition.

Work With Us

Sam and SK Group have the experience to help a wide range of clients from first-time buyers to multi-property investors. We recognize the uniqueness of each situation and strive to provide a personalized approach to meet the needs of each client.